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Welcome to Secret Chamber

How many times you have seen in movies secret agents, kings  or tycoons, hiding or crossing through secret passages: in their houses, castles, large mansions and even yachts you have seen them hide their valuables in specially constructed vaults.

How many times you have thought as a child, how wonderful it would be if you could actually have such a place in your house or in your room, a secret place where no one knows that exists! Who can forget the movie " Panic Room " with Jodie Foster in 2002. Surely those who have seen the movie thought that if they could build a room in their house for protection they would do it immediatly.


Security & Privacy

When we start a project, we and our partners, we ask four things for our products: quality, being invisible, provide the necessary security and above all remain hidden even for someone who will look for them!

With these thoughts in our mind, both we and our partners use always quality materials such as wood, combine it with special metal constructions in order to achieve unique fit, robust and lasting over time. Our products (in collaboration with the Creative Home Engineering) is so well constructed that


How we work

When a project is assign to us first we are coming to your place and we discuss every possible case scenarios of this new construction. Afterwards we study these scenarios in our office with our cooperators and we design a few innovative and unique solutions, for your place and then we presented to you, so that you could make any possible and also choose the one you like most, change you like before we finally starting developing your hidden place.


Additional information